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Overview to Flight dispatchers 

Performing one of aviation's most important roles, aircraft dispatchers share with pilots the ultimate responsibility for a flight's safe commencement and completion. As per FAA Regulation 14 CFR, Part 121, all certificated aircraft dispatchers must receive both initial and recurrent training in Dispatch Resource Management (DRM).


The Operational Control Center or "OCC" for many airlines represents the coordination hub where many "spokes" of airline operational control merge together. In a Mission-control-like atmosphere, the Aircraft Dispatcher , also referred to as flight superintendent, or flight control officer assists in the preplanning, flight monitoring, en route assistance, and coordination of several flights during a typical 8-10 hour shift. The OCC includes: Equipment Control, Flight Control, Maintenance Control, Meteorology, Radio, Security Command Center, and System Reroute . This strong team effort is vital in maintaining safe, and efficient flights.

Federal Aviation Administration - FAA: Effective March 1997, regulations were amended to establish a “Single Level of Safety” for all air carrier operations operating with 10 or greater passenger seats. The regulation as amended includes the requirement for a licensed Aircraft Dispatcher to function as a crew member on the ground, sharing responsibility with the pilot for the safe conduct of each flight.

International Civil Aviaiton Organization - ICAO: In 1944 ICAO was formed for the purpose of standardizing international aviation regulations and to propose recommendations and norms for its member states. • In 1956 at the Third Air Navigation Conference held in Montreal, ICAO recognized the involvement of Flight Dispatchers / Flight Operations Officers in the concept and purpose of Operational Control. • Provisions of the Flight Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer license is found in Annex 1 Chapter 4.5 and Annex 6, Part 1, Chapter 10.1.

Joint Aviation Authorities - JAR: According to the JAR-OPS 1, SUBPART D, 1.195, Airlines established and maintains a method of exercising operational control approved by the Authority; and exercises operational control over any flight operated under the terms of his AOC.

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